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WATCH: Adorable gay couple pops up in holiday Etsy ad


Online market Etsy waded into the holiday season this week with a new ad featuring a Black gay couple as the central characters.

Etsy plays host to thousands of online “shops,” which allow craftspeople and artisans to turn their artistic outlets into businesses by offering specially made wares. The new ad campaign “Gift Like You Mean It,” welcomes the holiday season by stressing love and acceptance.

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In the video, the handsome couple named Brandon & David, attend a holiday celebration with family.  “Don’t worry, they’re going to love you,” one says to the other as they stand outside. Later, as the family unwraps gifts, an elderly relative welcomes the couple “to the family,” and presents them with a needlepoint tree ornament with their names written on it.

It’s a tender moment of joy, and an uplifting one we need in our current season. The new Etsy commercial also comes as various outlets and businesses have begun to court more diversity–including LGBTQ representation–as part of holiday advertising. Both the Lifetime and Hallmark networks, two purveyors of schmaltzy holiday films, have announced queer-themed films this year. Netflix, meanwhile, has announced the holiday-themed series Dash and Lily, which features a prominent gay character in the show.