WATCH: “Adults Only” Offers A Vicarious Seedy Thrill

Hidden away behind grime-covered walls and beneath flickering lights, porn arcades were (and occasionally still are) the sketchiest of sketchy locales to hook up. These days, Grindr, Scruff and the like have cut down on the need to cruise these sticky-floored dens on iniquity.

But fear not! Now you too can experience the allure of wandering through a seedy sex palace, thanks to an intriguing short film from Director Michael J. Saul and Writer Heath Daniels.

Currently in post-production “Adults Only,” tells the story of a deaf man’s descent into the voyeuristic world of dirty bookstores. And starting January 18, Los Angeles’ Antebellum Gallery is hosting an exhibit inspired by the film, featuring photos, videos and arcade booths with strategically placed peepholes.

Count us in!