WATCH: AFER Asks Supreme Court To Stay Out Of Prop 8 Case

Republican Party, what is your major damage? How can you look at the last 20 years of polling on marriage equality and still think it’s a good idea to deny recognition to LGBT relationships?

Also in marriage-equality headlines this week: AFER asks the Supreme Court to stay out of the Prop 8 case. It sounds a little counterintuitive—until you hear why. And yet more momentum for getting rid of DOMA.

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  • Joel

    WTF is the point of this posting? How ’bout you actually follow a headline with a story? and, while I’m here, how ’bout you invest in some bandwidth so it doesn’t take ten minutes to download a photo?

  • brent

    The problem here is with liberals, they refuse to recognize that blacks and latinos played the deceive role in prop. 8. They also are taking the opposite position they took in Bush-Gore, where they said every vote should count and how racist the republicans were for throwing out the black vote. In prop. 8 the liberal are now doing that. A white judge has thrown out the votes of the blacks who voted for prop. 8 judge

  • randallreynolds

    Agreed with the above comment. This is not complete Journalism. “It sounds a little counterintuitive—until you hear why.” Ummm…. I’m well versed on the Prop 8 case (possibly more than the author of this article) and I fail to see why.

    Can you connect the dots? Or is the reason simply “because Prop 8 will be eliminated” (OBVIOUSLY)??? If that’s your reasoning, please stop dumbing down your news….

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