WATCH: Alaskan Republicans Find Marriage Equality Laughable—Literally!

For people who believe legalizing same-sex unions will lead to the downfall of society, Republicans in Alaska seem to think the topic is hi-frickin‘-larious.

In the clip above, a reporter from the Juneau Empire asks the the state’s Republican-led House Majority Caucus if they would “support the idea of having domestic partnerships or civil unions open to same-sex couples?”

Well, he might as well been a junior-high teacher named Mr. Glassnuts, because the caucus broke out into some serious giggles. Congrats folks, you make Sarah Palin seem mature by comparison!

Republicans in the Last Frontier might think equality is a joke, but a recent survey found 67% of Alaskans support legal recognition for gay couples (though only 43% think it should be marriage).

h/t: Towleroad

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  • Dakotahgeo

    We’ll see how loudly these Northern Hillbillies laugh when they are forced to accept and honor Same Sex Marriage when it does hit their shores! Let them learn how to laugh from Iowa, Maryland, Maine, et al, and in the future from Minnesota, Colorado, New Jersey, etc.!
    I will love the shocked, angry look on their faces when they have the first 50-100 gay marriages in the northern hinterlands! Laugh, Alaska… laugh…for now!

  • stfallon1028

    I wish them all severe discomfort whenever they try to move their bowels.

  • FStratford

    I know there are good Republicans, but these Republicans are what control the Republican party these days. I had hope that the Libertarian wing will be able to grow with the Tea Paty but the Tea Party was successfully coopted by the Religious Right.


  • makino

    they remind me of the movie wrong turn-….just trhese hillbillies wear ties and suits

  • Geoff B

    Let them laugh. It’s eventually going to happen and sooner than they think. We added 3 to our win column last year and we’ll probably add at least 3 this year (Illinois could pass within a few weeks) and if we get Hawaii and Oregon, we’re taking two out of their win column. The tide is turning and they can’t stop it. Let the fools laugh.

  • Billysees

    ” Recent survey found — 67% of Alaskans support legal recognition for gay couples (though only 43% think it should be marriage). ”

    What is now is better than before.

    That is cause for rejoicing, isn’t it ?

  • jwrappaport

    These people are disgusting. Another reminder that the old regime must die for the republic to live.

    To Versailles, mes amis!

  • Aidan8

    Cretins all… just like the vast majority of GOP politicians. Gods help us if they take the Senate.

  • Charli Girl

    Texas and Perry WERE laughing,seems their scratching their Lil repug heads now…hmmmm They just sit and ponder how the LGBT powerhouse is sweeping the Nation….

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