WATCH: Alaskan Republicans Find Marriage Equality Laughable—Literally!

For people who believe legalizing same-sex unions will lead to the downfall of society, Republicans in Alaska seem to think the topic is hi-frickin‘-larious.

In the clip above, a reporter from the Juneau Empire asks the the state’s Republican-led House Majority Caucus if they would “support the idea of having domestic partnerships or civil unions open to same-sex couples?”

Well, he might as well been a junior-high teacher named Mr. Glassnuts, because the caucus broke out into some serious giggles. Congrats folks, you make Sarah Palin seem mature by comparison!

Republicans in the Last Frontier might think equality is a joke, but a recent survey found 67% of Alaskans support legal recognition for gay couples (though only 43% think it should be marriage).

h/t: Towleroad