WATCH: Alicia Silverstone finally gets in bed with the elusive Christian…Siriano?

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Actress Alicia Silverstone recreated one of the most iconic scenes of her career, and somehow managed to make it even gayer.

Silverstone shot to fame back in 1995 in the hit film Clueless playing Cher, a moneyed Los Angeles girl in search of the perfect boyfriend. At one point in the film, she pursues the Elusive Christian (Justin Walker), trying to seduce him on a movie date night. Her attempts go off the rails, forcing her to realize Christian is actually gay.

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Ms. Silverstone paid tribute to the scene over the weekend, jumping into bed with another Elusive Christian: Christian Siriano, the flamboyant designer of Project Runway fame. Silverstone took to social media to share a video of the two in bed together watching a notoriously homoerotic scene from Spartacus

The scene plays out identically to that of the movie, until Silverstone falls out of bed, and Siriano pounces on her, with both bursting into laughter.

“I finally got Christian in bed!” Silverstone wrote in her post on Twitter.

We also have to admit how little Silverstone has aged in the 26 years since Clueless debuted. Now 44, she continues to act, most recently in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Silverstone has also long supported queer rights, referring to the LGBTQ community as “my people” in a 2020 interview.

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