WATCH: Amy Adams, Showtunes, And A Gay Bar

Okay, how much gay can you handle at one time? How about if we warned you that this post contains Amy Adams, a gay bar and Defying Gravity?

Sure she’s no Idina Menzel, but when’s the last time you brought a karaoke crowd to tears? This is a plenty serviceable rendition of the song.

TMZ has posted the video, probably because it was a slow day on their regular beat at the United Nations. We can only speculate as to the path that it took: presumably a friend recorded this? Or maybe someone in the crowd? And then they were like, “oh, wow, time to cash out on this EXCLUSIVE celebrity videotape featuring a supporting actress from Night at the Museum 2.” And then TMZ was like, “yes, of course our readers will be very interested in this SHOCKING behind-the-scenes glimpse at the life of the girl from Julie and Julia.”

Oh, we kid, of course. Of course we’re 100 percent Amy fans. And it is kind of weird how Wicked keeps intersecting with her life: She did a super-watchable rendition of “Loathing” with Kristin Wiig, and then Ms. Chenowith sang one of Amy’s songs from Enchanted at the Oscars.