WATCH: An Austrian Party Promo Video To Make One Crave Vienna Sausage

We admit we’ve yet to taste the delights that Vienna has to offer. But if this sopping wet video for The Circus mega-party at at Arena Wien on October 15  is any indication of what Viennese boys are like, we might just have to hop on Priceline and book a ticket. Schnell!

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  • Chujek

    Guy holding book is just perfect!

  • steve

    It took a drag queen to make Katy Perry’s style hot…

    That is a drag queen.. isn’t it?

  • rick

    Those Austrian boys are so beautiful. I have no idea why there are a few Mexicans throwin in there.

    Euro boys are the best.

  • Miss Taco Belle

    @rick: Nazi much, Rick?

  • Red Meat

    Hot? Yes.

    Degrading? Yes.

  • rick

    I’d not expect to see Austrians in a Mexican party promo, so why should there be Mexicans in an Austrian one?

  • John

    @steve: That’s a drag queen? I thought it was Theresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of NJ!

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    I’ll kindly take the two latino guys.

  • Miss Taco Belle

    @rick: Dear deluded Richard (aka Dick), I’m sorry to inform you, but Hitler did not succeed in Austria, and alas, there are now Hispanics, Blacks, Jews (gasp!) and many other cultures in Austria. The land of Austria made up entirely of blond, blue-eyed muscle hunks exists entirely in your mind.

    You were also quick to call the darker-complected hunks “Mexican.” What gave that away, Dick? What is the sombreros? The tacos in their pants? The lettuce stuck to the bottom of their shoes? I’d really like to know how you deduced their ethnicity. That’s a neat gift you have there, Dick. I bet you like to work on puzzles to keep yourself so mentally challenged.

  • Peter

    Why is everyone saying they are Mexicans? Or even Latinos? They could be Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean or Eastern European or many other ethnicities, this isn’t America where brown people are automatically Mexicans…

  • Joe

    I thought they were all hot, but I didn’t think Mexican when I saw them. I thought maybe Middle Eastern, or dark German or something. Either way, I wouldn’t kick one of them outta bed for eating cookies. :-)

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