WATCH: An Uncomfortable Truth. Gay Men Discuss Vaginas

Frequently shirtless YouTube “celebrity” Davey Wavey put on some clothes and put forward this question to some gays: “What do you think of vaginas?”

Following bewildered, puzzled, embarrassed and rather giggly first impressions, the gays in question go on to describe, in vague detail, their thoughts on female anatomy.

Eventually they come to the logical conclusion that, while not their cup of tea, ladyparts ain’t too bad.

“I owe everything I enjoy in this world to vaginas,” says Mr. Wavey. “From my lips to your vagina, thank you.”

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  • QJ201

    of course Davey Wavey is in this.

    Being “grossed out” by vagina is immature and silly…I’d actually put my penis in one if it weren’t attached to a woman. I’d fuck Buck Angel in a second. There I said it.

  • Gigi Gee

    Baby, we are born this way!

  • Tracy

    Davey Wavey is annoying.

  • Chris

    I’d hope anyone over the age of 12 knows the purpose of a vagina. Not sure what kind of reactions he expected by surveying this gaggle of queens, but thankfully they didn’t all giggle and say “grossss”.

    A hole is a hole, and I’m not particularly concerned with anything but finding a comfortable home for my tube steak. Gay men use a lot of slang for the ass, many in relation to the vagina, because a filthier mouth on a masculine guy is money. Some gays object to this language and that’s how you find the queens grossed out by vaginas. I urge them to nevertheless take pride in their manpussy. If you have a stick up your ass how can we use it??


    What a cruel irony for poon-phobic Davey Wavy him having a c-nt face and the narcissistic urge to view it constantly everyfuckinwhere.

  • Bee Gaga

    I remember being 13 years old and the first time I saw a vagina watching porn on the internet I literally cried and almost threw up, they’re not that bad but I can’t look at one for too long I wouldn’t dare touch one, no no no lol y’all may think it’s “immature” to think they’re gross, but I think they’re grosss for me and to me

  • Boytoy

    I love women and their bodies.I just love men and their bodies a trillion times more.if it wasn’t for vagina we would not be here and if it wasn’t for penis and sperm we would not be here.The anatomy of both genders are beautiful…….okay i admit vagina is still pretty gross to me.I came out of one and I’ll be damned if i ever go back in.Boys only.

  • apple


    Some people would say that making a normative judgment about other peoples’ opinions is immature and silly.

  • Scribe38

    @QJ201: I totally agree there is something about Buck Angel… I would do so many bad things to him and let him do so many bad things to me. I don’t understand gay guys who have never played with a woman at least once. I also don’t understand str8 guys who haven’t played around with another guy. I’m gay no doubts about it at all, but some of the best sex in my life was with a woman when I was in H.S. Did I want to marry her and have kids? nope. Did I screw her every chance I got until she went to college? yup. Sliding in a warm wet one is awesome, its just attached to a package that I’m not attracted to

  • boring

    And, just like straight dudes, a solid 80% of them are mixing up vagina with the labia.

  • MMDD

    @Boytoy: That pretty much sums up how I feel, although I don’t really find vaginas to be gross at all and even find some to be quite beautiful and even sexually appealing (granted, I’ve seen my share that have made me cringe). What I’ve never understood is why so many people go freakin’ ape-shit crazy over them.

  • MMDD

    @Scribe38: “I don’t understand gay guys who have never played with a woman at least once…. Sliding in a warm wet one is awesome, its just attached to a package that I’m not attracted to.”

    You’ve already provided the answer to your own query. Many of us have no interest in having sex with someone we’re not attracted to. Honestly, the fact that you kept going back to this woman and are on here claiming it was some of the best sex of your life says to me that you were much more attracted to her than you’re readily willing to admit. Like it or not, her vagina was part of the “package” that turned you on enough to keep going back there.

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