WATCH: Anderson Cooper Receives Vito Russo Award At GLAAD Media Awards

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper accepted GLAAD’s annual Vito Russo Award last night at a star-studded ceremony in New York. Introduced by Madonna—whom he gave a big uncharacteristic smooch to—Cooper was modest in his acceptance speech, saying he felt he “not worthy of it.”

“I am only here tonight because I’ve benefited from what they and so many others have done,”  he said, citing activists like Russo and Larry Kramer.” Cooper also reiterated that he felt being gay was “one of the greatest blessings” of his life, explaining how “it’s opened my head and heart in ways that I never could have predicted.”

In a speech that had the crowd on its feet, Cooper ended by saying, “I thank God every day for being able to love my friends, my family and my partner, Benjamin [Maisani].”

Video: Boy Culture

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  • Scribe38

    I know some guys on here don’t like Anderson, but I think he is great. He has always protected the community even when he was not out to the public. He was not like a list of GOP who beat up on gays only to hide their own secrets. I can understand him not wanting to become part of the story but report the story. Isn’t that his JOB? I wish him the best and agree with what he said about Madonna. Hearing her talk about gays and AIDS when I was a freshman in high school really helped me as a kid. If someone has awesome as her felt that I was okay, maybe I really was going to be okay.

  • Jen


    Well said, I couldn’t agree more. Also something that can’t be underestimated is that AC addresses a mainly straight audience on CNN. He has probably done more to raise awareness and understanding for the gay community amonst straight people with his diplomatic and classy way than any overly aggressive activist has managed in recent years.

    And the “guys” here not liking Anderson are most likely only one or two people. There is this mentally deranged woman who used to be in love with Anderson and freaked out after he came out. She posts anywhere comments are allowed and always spews the same hateful, insane rethorics about Anderson and often about Ben aswell. Always the same style and phrases. There might also be the occasional bitter queen on here but overall it comes down to two or three very obsessed, ill haters that post all over the internet under various user names.

  • Sohobod

    I actually agree with Anderson Cooper for once. “not worthy of it.” Never a truer word spoken.

  • northwest

    Anderson gave a great speech and was humble about receiving the award, which he fully deserves, IMO. I love that he referenced the LGBT heroes who paved the way for him and others to come out and be who they really are. He gave a warm acknowledgement to his friends, family and finally his partner Benjamin. I totally agree with Scribe38 and Jen, Anderson’s a cool, decent guy and a fine reporter and as Madonna says, “a badass”. He’s never bearded or harmed the LGBT community, he just came out later in life like others have done who don’t get half the criticism he seems to receive. There are real enemies of the LGBT community out there who deserve scorn, AC is NOT one of them.

  • Kieran

    Well deserved award.

  • Sohobod

    Can you pull over, I think I’m going to be sick.

  • northwest

    You sound pretty sick already actually.

  • jwrappaport

    Mazel tov, AC. He can be a bit silly sometimes, but I feel like he’s a stand-up guy who does a lot for gay equality. What’s the deal with the naysaying?

    Also, does anyone else remember his early days hosting The Mole? I was about 13 – and definitely had a crush on him.

  • Jen


    Oh look, one of the obsessed, bitter haters. Are you the woman who used to be in love with AC and hates him since he came out officially or are you one of the handful of bitter, jealous queens?

  • Jen


    Gosh, the first season of The Mole was such a great show. Clever, thrilling, beautiful locations, the candidates were great and of course there was Anderson. I can actually watch revisit this every couple of years even though I know who won and who was the mole now.

  • Thomas

    Anderson Cooper didn’t deserve the award. 20 years as a closet case. I don’t think so.

  • Jen


    Ah, the other regular bitter hater. He has been out since highschool. So when did you come out to the whole world officially as a very well known person and sacrificed part of your privacy and security? Right, you never had to.

  • Sohobod


    I’m not a ‘hater’ I’m a ‘disliker,’ especially in regard to someone who was in a far better position to come out (and be an inspiration to those who did so in small towns, in hostile environments) left it until he was friggin 47!!!! and until the time when society’s attitudes had shifted and his career was completely safe.
    There is something nauseating about all those celebrity-obsessed people who can only seem to find validation in the actions of a TV personality. I think that there are people who deserved the award far more that that man. But of course, they’re not famous, are they?

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