WATCH: Andrew Christian Makes Doing Laundry Fun For Once

Our favorite trash-talking duo, Hunter and Jessica, make an appearance in the new viral video from underwear maker Andrew Christian—and so do comic Michael Piper-Younie, actress Constance Brenneman and L.A. drag darling Detox.

While we can’t say we love looking at those folks more than the barely clad soccer studs doing, ahem, loads, they do bring a little something extra.

Want more? Check out the “Too Hot for YouTube” version. (NSFW)


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  • SamuelB.


  • David

    HAHAHA that is hilarious

  • MoJo

    Nice! Hairless, but nice, nonetheless. Now I’ve gotta go watch the uncensored version…

  • Rockinabs

    This is by far the best video that company has ever made. The pool party video was hot but totally ridiculous. LOVE THIS ONE

  • Alan Brickman

    The guy from “Last Friday Night” Video looks great!!

  • Eatit

    Is that Richie Nuzzolese? He’s the finest piece of ass

  • M Onan Batterload

    OFF TOPIC (sorry about that).

    I found Queerty via Google. It was the third site listed in the results of a search of the terms “Warner Todd Huston” and “Gay.” Two years ago, Queerty posted a piece about Warner’s criticism of the inclusion of a gay character in Archie Comics. Warner considers it the equivalent of including a skinhead character.

    The purpose of my search was to find out if Warner is gay. I had stumbled upon his most recent blog post and I wanted to mock it, but not if Warner is actually gay. Apparently he is not.

    Thanks for the Archie post. Again, sorry about the OT comment but I thought someone might be interested.

  • Wow

    is richie nuzzolese gay? what a beautiful man

  • Michael in Toronto

    Too bad they couldn’t have included one or two non-stereotype gay guys to ogle the team.

  • Twirl

    I think that all of these guys are straight right? Well except for that little latin boy , who has to be bay. The rest of them seem straight. Regardless, all very very very sexy

  • honeybear

    i love it when the video models are the main focus then the items being sold. way to market that underwear. i would rather find the models first.

  • Daniel

    @honeybear: You clearly don’t work in marketing. There are ads for jeans that just have naked models. And how about any ad that features a celebrity, the focus is on the celebrity , not the product.
    I work in marketing for an accounting firm and I am so impressed by Andrew Christian’s take on how to market the company. Every where I look I see a video or photo, I would guess their sales have increased in a big way.
    What a dream it would be to work for that company. It looks like they are having a blast.

  • Alan brickman

    Richie doesn’t have to be gay to be attractive …..sheesh!…what a hettaphobe!!!

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