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  • gwydion

    Makes me want to TAKE OFF my underwear, not buy more! YUM~!

  • hotdog

    that was HOT. great direction, beautiful shots, seriously hot bodies, and very creatively done. BRAVO! genius marketing over there.

  • Rockery

    I like the imagery its HOT, but not enough faces, I like it, but the best and HOTTEST was “Put Your Graffiti on Me” with Kat Graham ad. This song blows

  • Spike

    Someone at Queerty hoping to get a couple of AC comp underwear in the mail by chance?

  • Ben n Jerry

    I guess he is trying to be the male version of Victorias secret. Kinda silly, unoriginal underwear that is overpriced… He needs to view products such as the line of underwear by Bjorn B to get a glimsp at what is high end sexy and original ( he’s just copying cin2 and using Falcon video as a promo vehicle )

  • dancer

    I really like the song actually and I think the whole mood is really sexy. They are making so many videos and the fact that they are able to produce so many different types is really impressive.

  • hotman

    @Ben n Jerry:
    This underwear does not look anything like CIN2 and the video does not look a thing like a Falcon porn video?
    The Andrew Christian videos are shot very creatively with specific themes and art direction. Falcon has never done anything like this EVER.
    Sorry, I am a huge fan of these videos and I just had to reply. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Tony

    @Ben n Jerry:
    Couldn’t agree more. I bought a pair of his underwear and I swore never to do it again. Bad quality, fades and overpriced.

    If you make a decent product, you don’t have to go out of your way to sell it. Sure everyone likes the eye candy, but this is overkill. I’ll continue to spend my money on 2xist and N2N.

  • samwise

    It doesn’t make me want to buy underwear; it makes me want to buy what’s wearing the underwear.

  • Gauthier

    I think I’m sensing a theme… Any time I see one of these AC videos I’ll say what I say on all of them, but I’ll try to phrase it in a different way every time. So, these AC ads are as tired and laughable as the queens fapping it to the videos. The only people I see fit for wearing this crap are strung out circuit roidtards, naive twinks who hope it’ll make up for their inexperience, and deluded old pervs who think it makes them look just like in the ads. Will “gay-oriented” labels PLEASE give it a rest with the misrepresentation of what sexiness is supposed to be and stop trying to make us feel like we should all look like fucking gleaming Ken-dolls? Thanks. Take a leaf from the page of Absolut, who collaborated with the fabulous girls of Rupaul’s Drag Race, to name but one example. Gay culture is so much more varied than the advertising industry is forcing us to believe…

  • nathan

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Dixie Rect

    @Gauthier: So well thought out. Don’t you have anything else to think about besides some silly advertising to sell some overpriced underwear? Lighten up, its just an ad. All you crazy bitches need to sit down and relax.

  • Kamikapse


    Gleaming Ken-dolls? No need to put these guys down just because you’re confronted with your own inadequacies.
    This is how advertising is making women feel every single day.

  • ED


  • Gurl Please

    Ok…… where is the “underwear”? Isn’t that what they’re supposedly selling in this AD?

    instead, we get a over produced porn video with the typical Tan MANNEQUINs we see in every AD these days..

    Bitch Please!

  • BT

    This company is a pathetic joke. Cheesy, lame videos of shaved, zit faced queens. Yeah, I’m running out to buy your underwear.

  • Chuck

    I feel like I should be paying to watch that ad. D:

  • dacing

    Some of you seriously need to lighten up. The ad is hot!

  • Hyhybt

    Video doesn’t play.

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