WATCH: Androgynous Male Model Blurs Gender Lines In Edgy Toyota Ad

Lately car companies have been featuring LGBT themes in their advertising—sometimes to reach the gay community and sometimes to just present themselves as progressive to mainstream audiences.

The latest automaker to take a queer turn is Toyota, which cast androgynous male model Stav Strashko, in an ad for the Corolla (known oversees as the Auris). In this clip, Strashko sashays up to the car in nothing but a bikini bottom, saving the big “reveal” for the end.

The commercial is a little vague, but we imagine the idea is that something can appear one way but turn out to be completely different—whether its a sports car that’s really a hatchback, or a sultry bikini model that’s really a man.

And while Strashko enjoys pushing gender boundaries, he doesn’t consider himself trans:  “I’ve never thought about becoming a woman,” says the Ukrainian model. I feel very comfortable in my own body just the way it is.”