WATCH: Anna Wintour Talks Gay Marriage, Sweatpants And Taking More Risks With Stephen Colbert

Anna Wintour went on The Colbert Report last night, presumably to talk up the Met Gala and the Costume Institute’s new Prada/schiaparelli exhibit. But the show’s pernicious host managed to get the iconic editrix to open up about a few surprising topics:

Colbert: Is there ever a time when you can not care about fashion? Do you ever say to yourself, “to hell with this,” and just put on a pair of zebra-striped sweatpants,  go to Long John Silver’s and just lose yourself in a pile of batter-fried shrimp?

Wintour: Well, I haven’t done it recently, but maybe now that you suggest it, perhaps I should try it?

Colbert: Perhaps you and I could go bobbing for French fries!

Wintour: Why not? It’s a date!

We would seriously pay good money to see that date.

Wintour also suggested Colbert “take a few more risks” with his fashion and revealed there were  “tears in the office at Vogue today” after President Obama’s announcement in support of gay marriage.

The last time someone cried at Vogue was when an intern accidentally ate the last wintergreen Tic-Tac for lunch.


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  • Delius

    Why are you giving this fur hag any coverage?

  • Belize

    @Delius: If something as demonic as Michelle Bachman can get coverage in this website, I’m sure some bytes can be spared on “this fur hag.”

  • DouggSeven

    I don’t think she even got the ‘bob for french fry’ joke was a diss on her.

    (btw, the link doesn’t work)

  • AEH

    Aw, I like Anna! Her public image has been softening in recent years. I wonder why?

  • Delius

    @AEH: Wow, you like someone who has no problem with the way animals are tortured for fur?
    Wow, not a very caring chap are you?

  • SteveC

    Is she running for President in 2016.

    What fun.

    We could declare war on nations with bad fashion sense (I’m looking at you, Canada!)

  • gggggb

    @Delius: Gotta say, I don’t really care about animals either

  • Sirk

    @Delius: You can never go wrong with fur. Looks good, keeps you warm, and a natural, sustainable source!

  • Steve-O


    What are the chances you drink milk, eat meat, wear leather and wear wool. Unless you are a macrobiotic vegan, who wears nothing but polyester sythnetic devoid of any animal tested product you have no right to judge people who choose to wear fur.

    Fur is a sustainable material and whilst excessive cruel fur farms do need to be shut down, there are plenty that kill no less inhumane then one does to a cow for beef. The only critcisim of fur is when it comes from an endangered animal.

  • jason

    Can’t stand this cow, Anna Wintour. Her magazine, Vogue, is known to objectify women in a way that appeals to sexist and homophobic men. Photo-shoppping is common, with women often altered to fit a certain “look”.

    It’s a magazine that is dominated by advertising from the fashion and cosmetics companies, who probably determine its policies on how to present women.

    All in all, Anna Wintour is disgusting. I don’t consider her a friend of the GLBT community.

  • Aeiou

    @Delius: because its just fun, try to it sometime right after you get over yourself.

  • Delius

    @Steve-O: Typical gay guy who cares about nothing buy himself.

  • AEH


    Go away, little troll.

  • hudson

    @SteveC: ouch! I’ll admit that Vancouver at least, has way too much Lulu Lemon and Polar Fleece, cargo shorts and flip flops in the winter, nasty, narly beards on otherwise gorgeous hotties and OTT snowboard/ ski outfits, but a couple of us are trying……………. But if you do bomb us, please start with Toronto ;-)


  • TracyDom

    You are definitely a pathetic troll.

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