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WATCH: Antigay baseball player Daniel Murphy trolled every time he takes the field

Atlanta has a new hometown hero in Matthew Kaminski, the organist for the Braves, who greeted homophobic Cubs player Daniel Murphy with songs promoting equality and LGBTQ acceptance.

Murphy has stated he “disagrees with the (gay) lifestyle, 100 percent,” and was booed by his own team’s fans just days ago, at the “Out at Wrigley” night.

The songs Kaminski chose to play whenever Murphy stepped up to the plate on Friday night included “What The World Needs Now is Love” by Hal King and Burt Bacharach, and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

Kaminski’s subtle trolling did not fly over the heads of tuned-in sports fans:

Laura Ricketts, who co-owns the Cubs with her family and also happens to be the first out owner of an MLB franchise, addressed the Murphy acquisition, which took place just days before the LGBTQ event, in a series of tweets.

She wrote:

“Since several people have asked…yes, I was consulted prior to the Daniel Murphy trade. There were several thoughtful conversations among Cubs executives, my brothers and me, as well as with Billy Bean, MLB’s Ambassador for Inclusion and the subject of Daniel’s 2015 comments. I know Billy and have immense respect for him and his work with the league. Billy, who has since developed a friendship with Daniel, was very positive and encouraging. After these considered and thoughtful conversations, which took place precisely because of the Cubs’ sensitivities on the matter, I was on board with the trade.”