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Watch this antigay GOP lawmaker go ballistic when colleague touches him

On Tuesday, a House State Government Committee meeting took an unusually despicable turn: Pennsylvania GOP state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe went ballistic on one of his colleagues.

The offense? Rep. Matt Bradford, the committee’s ranking Democrat, touched his arm.

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Metcalfe interrupts Bradford to sputter, “Representative Bradford, look, I’m a heterosexual. I have a wife. I love my wife. I don’t like men, as you might. Don’t — stop touching me all the time! It’s like, keep your hands to yourself. Like, if you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it. I don’t.”

“Okay, we are officially off the rails,” Bradford said. “My intent was just to beg for your permission for about 30 seconds.”

“Then beg,” Metcalfe snapped back. “Don’t touch.”


Later, openly gay Pennsylvania state rep. Brian Sims lashed out at Metcalfe, sharing video footage on Facebook:

THIS IS REAL: Holy #$^%, this is real! On the same day that the Pa House Republicans are trying to fast track the most anti-trans bill in the country, their head bigot, PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe disrupted a State Government Committee meeting this morning – about a land use bill! – to loudly declare his heterosexuality!

You can’t make this stuff up! The most homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic member of our government is using legislative time, and tax payer dollars, to interrupt a meeting to announce his sexual orientation.

THIS is what dealing with Republicans in Pennsylvania has become. THIS is why they’re attacking our youngest and most vulnerable members of the LGBT community. THIS is what a broken moral compass, combined with gerrymandered, false leadership looks like.

Please visit Chairman Daryl Metcalfe‘s page and tell him to stop forcing his sexuality on rank-and-file members of this committee and on the Commonwealth of Pennsyvlania.

I’m also certain he’d HATE for you to share his buffoonery for others to see.

THIS IS REAL: Holy #$^%, this is real! On the same day that the Pa House Republicans are trying to fast track the most…

Posted by Brian Sims on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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    To be fair, (and leaving aside his obvious homobia) this is a presage of the new climate.


      If this was a woman (WE liked) being touched…

    • 1EqualityUSA

      “presage”–beautiful word. As for “homobia,” I’m so dyslexic that I read it the way you had intended! These gems, such as Pennsylvania GOP state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s, will be priceless for future documentaries. This one is right up there with New Hampshire’s Rep. Nancy “wiggling” Elliot. I want Maya Ying Lin to create a structure that list’s some of these demeaning quotes, examples of a bygone era, and lists our tormentors.


    Charles Blow had a similar emotional response (in terms of outrage, faux or otherwise) after by being “innocently” touched by some conservative bitch on CNN

    • Juanjo

      Assuming this claim is true, it is irrelevant. Bad behaviour by one person does not excuse the same sort of behaviour by someone else. Regardless of any perceived, political, social and class distinctions you may wish to draw as if they meant something.

    • Kangol

      Yep, but Blow is openly bi and just didn’t want to be touched. This GOP dude immediately turned this into a homophobic, gay-panic moment. You do get the difference, right?


      What does his being bisexual have to do with anything? Are you being deliberately obtuse or just stupid — you do get the difference, right?

      I explicitly—or by way of apophasis—stated I was LEAVING ASIDE his OBVIOUS HOMOPHOBIA — an unambiguously pejorative phrase more than implying disapproval of said actions and thus have already adequately addressed that issue.

      So I’ll make it even easier by breaking it down for you; and additionally saving you any potential handsy creeper allegations (vexatious or otherwise) down the road. My point is simply this: Try to refrain as much
      as possible from touching people whom you have no damn permission to touch or unless there’s a legitimate shared expectation or understanding justifying such intimacy, as doing so can be perceived as aggressive, humiliating, demeaning, controlling, entitled etc and that’s without even factoring-in sexual considerations or problematic cultural (in)sensitivities. These are dangerous new times. So stop fücking touching people, Kangol ;)


      Reasonable* expectation or legitimate understanding

  • NateOcean

    Whew! After that clear case of sexual harassment, Rep Metcalfe had to take a few minutes to compose himself.

    After excusing himself, he used the restroom, and splashed some water on his face. Then after a few sessions on the “giving” end at the glory holes, he regained his composure and returned to the meeting…cum dripping from his mouth.

    • Kangol

      That was funny! Thanks!

  • Kieran

    MSNBC’s Joy Reid just issued a statement: “Have to stand with my boy Rep. Metcalfe on this one. I wouldn’t want Miss Matt to be touching me neither. ewww!! He’s sooo gay!! I be trippin’ HAAA Word!!!”

    • Kangol

      Did you really have to share your inane version of Black vernacular? You couldn’t stop the racism from showing through that transparent hood, could you?

    • 1EqualityUSA

      “transparent hood” woof. love it!

  • Darson

    No Kieran, What Joy was doing was calling out a hypoctite on his BS. Grist was a major closeted A-hole who voted against any LGBT issue that came before him. Shortey did the same thing hoping to deflect any gay suspicions away from him while hooking up with any male he could afford to pay for. I have no issue with what Joy Reid did and wish more journalists would call out those who threaten us because of their personal cowardice.

    • Kieran

      You sound dumb as a stump. And self-hating to boot. Hopmophobia is WRONG, no matter who engages in it.

    • ChrisK

      I love how the conservatives are all in tizzy about Joy Reid. Always trying to build that they do it too analogy. I see nothing wrong. Insensitive yes but she apologized and I accept. Moving on.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      I adore Joy Reid. She apologized. She’s grown since then.

  • happiness17

    Metcalfe is a piece of work. There he is putting up a b*tch fit and distracting the other representatives from doing their jobs. If Metcalfe were professional he’d have dealt with being touched after the meeting. To be frank I don’t know why anyone gay or straight would want to touch this nasty little man to begin with.

  • mhoffman953

    In 2017, many would probably claim arm touching is sexual assault and would cause mass triggering and literal shaking

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