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WATCH: Antoine Dodson, ‘Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Husband’ Live at BET Awards

Alabma’s Internet sensation Antoine Dodson hasn’t expired his 15 minutes yet — and I don’t ever want him to. Popping up at last night’s BET Awards, he delivered a live auto-tuned version of anti-rape anthem “The Bed Intruder Song.”

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  • CW

    Oh Dear.

  • Topher

    Love how there is still some happy gay news in the media today…especially how this is essentially a tragic cinderella story come true.

  • Fitz

    That is the lowest class 30 seconds of my life ever spent. Ugg.

  • rjp

    @Fitz: Somehow I suspect you have gone lower — like when you typed that elitist comment

  • jason

    BET is crap. It’s run by homophobic blacks with an IQ of about 2. BET is in no way a gay-friendly organization.

  • Dollie

    Before the “blacks are homophobic” comments keep rolling in, may I point out the obvious? EVERYONE in the audience loved this OPENLY GAY man’s performance, cheered when the host said it got him out of the projects, and were clearly turned off when the host cracked his last inappropriate joke.

    This gentleman has to be my, hands down, favorite Internet sensation to date. Not only is his life and street savvy in abundance, but his strength is other worldly. He’s a brave, gay, black man from the projects who caught a break while already starting to persevere. His fame is more than deserved.

  • kabukiscarab

    @rjp: Don’t worry people like him get wet over the A- list where everyone is white and powerful and more shallow than puddle of piss

  • Hilarious

    @Dollie: Well said! It’s also interesting to see who really cared about his situation and who was just mocking him. Those who were mocking do not like the attention and money he’s now receiving, but ironically they’re the ones who made it happen.

    It’s nice to see good win out over cruel intentions because I’m not foolish enough to believe those edited videos were meant to be anything other than mockery.

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