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WATCH: Are Frank Ocean and Macklemore Using the “Gay Agenda” For Popularity? Rapper Rugged Man Thinks So

Rapper Rugged Man (yeah, we’ve never heard of him either) recently gave an interview to VladTV in which he takes on the more recent gay-friendliness in hip hop, from openly bisexual Frank Ocean to straight ally Macklemore. With the “blaccent” on full blast, the struggle rapper raises a number of…”interesting” points while dripping in casual homophobia with a side of sour grapes. Check out these gems:

On the music industry and gays: “A big percentage of media and the entertainment industry is run by the homosexual community.”

On the recent successes of Frank Ocean and Macklemore: “They’re smart, saying ‘I’m gonna campaign for homosexuality.'”

On the support of gay rights in hip hop: “Right now, it’s the popular, move your career forward thing to do.”

There’s also some real gems about the industry’s push to “feminize” black men by pushing gay rights forward and a whole bunch of other stuff that is good for a few laughs.  No word on the other side of the coin, which is the rampant homophobia still being exhibited to this day in hip hop.

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