WATCH: Are You Ready For Gay Pride 2014?

With little more than six months until the commencement of the gayest weekend on Earth, the organizers of NYC Pride have released a teaser clip that’ll have you dancing, booking tickets and grabbing for a Bud Light in no time (seriously, product placement works, people).

This year’s celebration will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the landmark Stonewall Riots in a city that became “the origins of a movement.” Over two million people are expected to attend the weeklong event June 21-June 29, and the only major question left to answer is this: Who will the headlining act for Dance on the Pier be?!

The Dance on the Pier event is historically the culmination of NYC Pride, and has hosted huge names from Cher to Whitney Houston to Janet Jackson. So, who do you hope it will be this year?

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