WATCH: Argentinian Filmmaker Marco Berger Heads To “Hawaii”

Argentinian writer/director Marco Berger has proven his talent with 2009’s Plan B, a romantic drama about a man who determines the best way to win back his ex-girlfriend is to seduce her new man.

Now Berger and collaborator Pedro Irusta urgently wants to bring audiences to Hawaii, a new film-in-progress about Martin, a hapless man who reunites with his childhood friend, Eugenio. When Eugenio realizes Martin is in dire straits, he hires him on for the summer.  Desire simmers as a strange relationship grows, but their class differences create possibly insurmountable obstacles.

Notes on the film’s Kickstarter campaign, which is about $7,600 toward its $40,000 goal by October 19, elaborate:

“The film is about solidarity but also about the power game that is generated when one person [relies] on another. The idea is to explore power, helplessness, social boundaries, brotherhood, desire and love.”

Starring Uruguayan newcomer Mateo Chiarino and Plan Bs Manuel Vignau, Hawaii stars certainly look promising. Could this be the next Weekend?

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