Banality of Bachmann

Watch As Michele Bachmann Smiles Her Way Though an Attack on Marriage Equality

Tea Party stalwart and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann smiles her way through an attack on same-sex families and their marriage equality. Speaking at the GOP’s Faith And Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, D.C., Bachmann applauded the Minnesota state legislature’s decision to put on the 2012 ballot a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Bachmann then brags about her own opposite-sex marriage of 33 years to a “family and marriage therapist,” and how much they love their kids.

When speaking to their own, antigay activist dispense with the somber tone you see on the talk shows and in debates. They stop pretending to understand that banning same-sex marriage has grave consequences for their fellow Americans. Instead they brag and celebrate our subordination. Wanna bet Bachmann would be screaming bloody murder if her ability to protect the rights of her own family were called into question by political foes?

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  • JordanMeehan

    “There’s good news happening too! We stopped equal rights from happening!” Can we “redefine” the word dumbass and put her name as the definition? Goddamn bigot.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I think we need to revive the pie-in-the-face tactics used back in the 70’s on people like Anita Bryant, only maybe update it to something with more visual clarity, like buckets of pink paint.

  • Eric

    I have a theory that Bachmann only exists to make Tim Paulentey look half sane.

    She is the biggest embarrassment ever to happen to Minnesota.

  • Matt

    There’s nothing more American than allowing the majority to vote on the rights of minorities.

  • gregger

    The kicker is you look at a photo of her “husband,” then listen to his jingo and his voice, and you’ll scream QUEEN!!! No wonder she’s against marriage equality. She wants every woman to marry a gay man.

  • TheRealAdam

    Sick, sick woman. And all those bigots clapping and shouting their approval in the audience – SICK!

  • Michael

    @gregger: Yeah, before you even wrote that, and I have yet to see her husband’s picture, but I’d bet the farm if I had one that he’s a big ol’ homo…

    Let’s see…

    Yup, he’s easily Googled and he’s about as gay as they can come.

    In other words, Michele Bachmann is a hypocritical b!tch married to the biggest homo in hte room…

  • robert in NYC

    One sick bitch for sure!

  • divkid

    yup, after googling marcus bachmann i would concur: definitely a “friend of the arts”. they have children too… count ’em…FIVE!
    …that turkey baster has never been back in the drawer.

  • robert in NYC

    I agree, the husband definitely ignites my gaydar! Screamer I bet!

  • Adrian Acosta

    “married couples have dropped below half of all American households for the first time”

    you want more Americans to get married? simple, let same sex couples marry. done. next issue.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Is there any way we can find a loophole in the 19th Amendment to get her out of office and keep her out?

  • divkid

    @Queer Supremacist: some would say: cut out the middle man….and refer you to the second amendment. [but not me]

  • Queer Supremacist

    @divkid: some would say: cut out the middle man….and refer you to the second amendment. [but not me]

    We should be saying that, and so should you. Every gay man and woman in this country should be armed to the teeth. We need gay militias.

  • Tehlonelymon

    She’s boring… I was playing snake on the youtube video instead of watching the video.

  • robinbrand

    “I think there’s room for both of them,” Little said. “I’m a redhead, so I’d probably lean towards Sarah. And she’s from a small town like I am. But I love Michele too.””

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