WATCH: Austin Becomes First City In Texas To Support Gay Marriage

On Thursday, the Austin City Council unanimously adopted a resolution declaring its intent to support marriage equality in Texas, making Austin the first city in the Lone Star State to do so.

“It is a statement in support. We know from the civil rights movement that any act, direct, or indirect, that helps with ending discrimination is important and it matters,” Mayor Pro Tem and the resolution’s sponsor Sheryl Cole told KVUE.

Activists garnered over 2,000 signatures on a petition over the past few months to endorse the city council’s passage of the resolution.

“It’s time to end second class citizenship. We gay people pay taxes too, and we should be treated equally and have the same rights as heterosexuals,” said gay rights activist Joseph Riley, addressing the council.

Although the resolution does not legalize same-sex marriage in Austin, Cole said it means the city has “taken a strong step forward.”