WATCH: Australian Stars Say “I Do” In New Marriage-Equality Campaign

Who says the media has to be impartial? Today, the Australian morning program Sunrise and the Down Under edition of Marie Claire magazine have teamed up for “I Do,” a new marriage-equality campaign in the land of Aus.

A Senate and House of Representatives inquiry into marriage equality will be released in several weeks, with a vote in Parliament to follow in a few months. So notable Australian celebs have joined in promoting the campaign, which includes a petition urging Parliament to vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Among those involved are Rachel Griffiths, Transformers actress Rachael Taylor, Westlife singer Brian McFadden, out Olympian Matthew Mitcham, rugby star David Pocock and Kath & Kim’s Magda Szubanski.


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  • ok123

    We dont go by the “land of Aus” it should read OZ, trust me on this one.
    As for this campaign, nice lip service, but the general Aussie public and
    politicians are some of the most bigoted people in the world where white,straight and families are the only the only real currency of note and influence.

  • jason

    I have real concerns about a magazine like Marie Claire – which objectifies women – being associated with a gay marriage campaign. As gay people, I don’t think we should be associating with any magazine that objectifies women in an unhealthy way.

  • David Mack Henderson

    And the timing is perfect to introduce this new MARRIAGE EQUALITY ANTHEM. “Everybody Wants To Say I Do.” It’s clearly aimed at mid-America with a construcive upbeat messagee and a seriously catchy melody. Hope it takes! Enjoy and repost, please!

  • Triple S

    Jesus Christ people, just calm the fuck down will you? It’s just a effing ad! And, @ok123:, what’s with this bullshit about Australia being some of “the most bigoted people in the world where white, straight and families are the only the only real currency of note and influence.”

    That is bullshit. Here in Australia, we are even MORE accepting than America. By WAY more. You don’t even know what Australia is like. Have you ever been here? Or are you just operating off incorrect assumptions and stereotypes?
    Most of Sydney where I live is Asian for Christ’s Sake! Lebanon, China, Korea, South-East Asia, Middle-East. Are those people “White, Straight and families?” None of them are white, and a shitload are gay!

    God, I get so irritated when people diss my own country even though they have no real idea of what it’s like here. I’m American too, but Australia is far superior when it comes to full acceptance for one’s self.

  • jason

    Triple S,

    I think the Australian gay community is a disorganized rabble. The American gay community is much more organized and effective in achieving rights.

    By the way, one gay-friendly street in Sydney doesn’t mean the whole city is gay-friendly.

  • jason

    Triple S,

    Middle Easterners and Asians are very homphobic. I don’t know why you cited them to support your case.

  • David


    Us asians are more accepting of gay people than western countries, theres not such thing as being gay equals sinner in many buddhist-dominated asian countries. Many asian countries have never criminalised homosexuality in their history,and have flourishing history of gay love. Add on top of that Asian Californians were also the only ethnic alongside whites to vote AGAINST Prop.8 in 2008.

    I see that your name pops up in every comment section that has an article that relates to Australia, writing something always negative about Australia so why dont you just move on with your prejudice towards Australia and accept the fact that Australia is great place to be gay unlike many countries.*ahem.usa*

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