WATCH: Australian Three-Year-Old Makes Adorable, Compelling Argument For Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Australia, but this little bugger is determined to make it happen someday.

In the clip below, an Australian couple discusses marriage with their three-year-old son. Though he’d ultimately like to “marry Mommy” (he can’t because she “already has a husband”), his world is shattered when he learns Prime Minister Julia Gillard will not let him also have a husband. Cue three-year-old temper tantrum.

Sure, this little guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying. But if equality is an easy concept for a toddler to grasp, WHY CAN’T ADULTS DO THE SAME?

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  • Katbox

    WTF on so many levels.

  • BritAus


  • Dionte

    that was so cute lol

  • Colette

    Hi all, There were a lot of negative comments on this posted on another site so ghouth I’d get in early with my comment this time: I’m his mum so will clarify a few things:
    (1) He’s just turned 3.
    (2) He may or may not be gay (he’s 3 for f*cks sake).
    (3) We don’t care either way.
    (4) This was not scripted or prompted. He started talking about marriage and husbands so we recorded it.
    (4) I doubt he has any idea what a husband means.
    (5) Or a wife.
    (6) From personal experience, he’s better off having a wife cause I really wish I had one (oh, that’ll get you all talking).
    (7) He may have some idea re marriage as he says ‘you marry your best friend’.
    (8) His best friend changes often.
    (9) It’s currently Kayden (a boy).
    (10) He no longer wants to marry me (sigh) as he wants to marry Kayden.
    (11) He wasn’t tired or in bed (that’s our bed – he wishes it was his bed!) He had just had a bath (hence naked) and it was still an hour til his bedtime.
    (12) His reaction to being told no to a husband was the same as being no to having chocolate for breakfast.
    (13) although I have no idea why he was anti-wife.
    (14) My husband and I are pro gay marriage.
    (15) It is illegal in Australia.
    (16) We thought this post would start discussion on the matter.
    (17) It has.
    (18) It was a political statement
    (18) This video may be used at his 18th (along with others……some still to be recorded).
    Reply Fav

  • Colette

    oops, ghouth should be thought.

  • Xanderer

    I agree with Katbox. #1 commenter. WTF on so many levels. Why is a three year old being asked about his views on marriage? What can that possibly contribute to any discussion ever about marriage equality and equal rights? Also you made a toddler cry. Why would you do that? If making children cry is your idea of helping, please stop helping.

  • mlbumiller

    what happend to the vid? What was so wrong that it had to be removed?
    Have any on you spent more then in hr in a 3y/o presence? After being a nanny for two summers, 2 & 3 y/os cry some the strangist reasons and almost anytime someone tells them NO!

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