Decent Proposal

WATCH: Awesomely Elaborate Flashmob Wedding Proposal At NYC’s Frying Pan

Five reasons why you should watch yet another flashmob wedding proposal:

1. The fact that the intended has no idea what is going on.

2. The incredible ’80s soundtrack that the elaborate dance moves are choreographed to.

3. 10 seconds of twink perfection from 1:52-2:02.

4. The tank top worn by the guy a few people down from him that closely resembles Freddy Krueger’s sweater.

5. Because 4:59 is exactly how any of us would react.

BONUS REASON: Because you’re not too jaded for this, no matter how hard you try.

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  • loua61

    Oh OK I will watch, only because I am a romantic at heart and I really love them and they make me cry.

  • mpwaite

    I NEVER get tired from watching people’s proposal and/or flashmob videos… I guess the romantic in me just wishes someone would do it for me………..DAMMIT……………….alright.. no more caffeine.

  • jake3614

    Aren’t flash mobs and such so very 2005? I mean, with all the cameras pointed at you, even if you were “in the moment”, wouldn’t you KNOW something was up?! Frankly, I’d be ticked off if my partner did this. Save the money to make your wedding more elaborate.
    I am happy for their love and such, but damn… This is either an abuse of power, friends or money in my eyes. Plus, tacky.

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