They Want It That Way

WATCH: Backstreet Boys Release Pro-Gay Music Video

The Backstreet Boys have, um, quit playing games and released a socially-conscious music video for their new single “In a World Like This” which offers a pro-gay marriage. Toward the end of the clip a lesbian couple is seen taking each other’s hands overjoyed watching a television report on the overturning of Prop. 8.

The video premiered on ABC’s Good Morning America today. Band member A.J. McLean explained, “The concept of the video is based on the song, which tells a story of how love conquers all and ‘in a world like this’ that we live in, with all the craziness and negative energy that can go around, with real love you can overcome anything.”

This marks just another demonstration of the band’s support for its many LGBT fans. Earlier this summer BSB performed during London Pride at popular venue G-A-Y.

h/t: Huffington Post