WATCH: Battle Of The Belting Divas On “Smash”

Smash returns February 5 with a two-hour season premiere and to prepare you for another season of musical melodrama, here’s a sneak peek at the show’s leading ladies — Katherine McPhee, Megan Hilty and special guest star Jennifer Hudson — turning it out in the only way of note: the Broadway.

First up, ingenue Karen (McPhee) earning her star stripes in the Boston preview of Marilyn:

Hilty’s Ivy is down but she’s sure as hell not out as she proves with this showstopper:

But if there’s anyone who knows how to bring a show to grinding halt it’s Oscar winner Jennifer Effing Hudson as Broadway star, Veronica Moore:

We’re assuming, to assert true diva dominance, Anjelica Huston walks up at some point and throws a drink in each of their faces.

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