WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Carrie Prejean’s Miss USA Moment

We recently uncovered this unauthorized archival footage of Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA contestant who infamously told Perez Hilton that “in her country” marriage is “opposite.”

Translation: The bitch wasn’t down with marriage equality.

Turns out Carrie pissed off more than just every fag in America—she ticked off the two queens who were the wind beneath her implants. We can only imagine what the real Prejean will say when Miss USA starts letting trans women compete.

Source: Funny or Die

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  • Christopher

    Why is anyone bringing up Carrie Prejean? Her 15 minutes is long over, and no need olive her any more attention than she already had, even if it is supposed to be comedy.

    And it wasn’t funny, just stereotyped drivel.

  • Christopher

    Just went to funny or die, to get some details on thia and discovered that this was uploaded to f or d, three years ago. So it’s queerty unearthing 3 year old videos…why?

    Queerty, especially certain contributors, seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.

    Three year old, currently irrelevant videos, why?

  • Seattlegrrrl

    Who cares? I agree with Christopher, this is soooooooo old and pointless to bring up now.

  • DouggSeven

    Was this supposed to get us riled up into a trolling frenzy? It wouldn’t of even been funny three years ago. I realize gay marriage is topical, but in this case, you made an untopical post. Please pre-screen whoever put this up work in the future.

  • FunMe

    Carrie who? Is this about a remake of the horror flick Carrie?

  • jimmybillybob

    I kind of enjoyed it. It’s one of those wrecks you cant take your eyes off.

  • J

    I,as a gay boy,respect Carrie for being herself.I don’t agree with and like her,but I respect her for that.

  • Walter

    Pathetic how gays and liberals attacked this women for giving her OPINION on a question that was ASKED of her.

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