WATCH: Bertolli Pasta Loves Gay People, Barilla Now Claims It Does, Too


As LGBT folks outraged over antigay comments made by pasta chairman Guido Barilla cleared their pantries of the hate-produced product — and, hopefully, dropped the boxes off at soup kitchens since the company already has your money, suckers — competitor Bertolli Pasta has reminded consumers it’s long been a good friend of ours by posting the same-noodle friendly photo above to its Facebook page along with the message “Love and pasta for all!”

The company even released a swinging, stylish, same-sex friendly video advertisement four years ago:

Now Guido has posted a video (below) offering another apology to gay people (his first one didn’t go over so well), saying he’s never discriminated against anyone and promising to meet with representatives from LGBT equality organizations to help evolve his viewpoint.

Still, while we love a public mea culpa as much as the next gay, we have a suspicion Guido, who also reportedly told an interviewer he objects to gay couples adopting children, wouldn’t mind using the video below to promote his pasta’s enduring appeal for “classic families.”