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WATCH: Best American Queer Film of 2013: “Pit Stop”

On its premiere at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, Yen Tan‘s aching rural gay love story Pit Stop was hailed by as “the best American queer film of the year.” This working class tale of closeted contractor Gabe (Bill Heck) and openly gay Hispanic forklift driver Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) is a slowly simmering drama of two Texans finding love amidst a landscape of loneliness.

Out today on digital (and coming to DVD February 4th), Pit Stop is this week’s Movie of the Week. Watch the trailer above and then rent or download it directly from and other fine digital platforms now.

Pit Stop


About is the new LGBT digital movie platform from LGBT specialty distributor Wolfe Video. The service showcases more than one hundred titles — features and documentaries — including popular favorites and hits like Pit Stop, Keep The Lights On, Undertow, Gayby and many more. Most titles are available in Auto-HD™ and are priced at US $3.99 to rent and US $14.99 to download. Most of the films are available worldwide and are all also available on DVD directly from for US viewers.

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  • Spike

    Where is there going to be a gay movie about and staring Tom Daley???

  • jimbryant

    Queer films won’t get us anywhere. We need to be in mainstream films.

    “Queer films” is where you go when nobody in the mainstream wants you.

  • Tyler100


    Speaking of things nobody wants, Jim is here to offer up his worthless opinion.

  • Daveliam

    I got a chance to see Bill Heck, the blonde lead actor in Pit Stop, when he was in Angels in America a few years ago at Roundabout Theater. He played Joe (a character with some similarities to the one he plays in Pit Stop, now that I think of it) and he was excellent. I actually saw him twice because I saw both Millenium Approaches AND Perestroika (in which Bill had a full-nude scene which was particularly enjoyable). He’s a good actor and creates realistic intimate gay roles. I’m a fan.

  • SteveDenver

    @jimbryant: And you’re here why, just to bitch and be self loathing?

  • charwegl

    @jimbryant: Who hurt you? (In the voice of Cameron Tucker(

  • Ellen J. Singleton

    My Uncle Nicholas just got a stunning white Mercedes SL-Class Convertible by working off of a macbook… check out this site

  • Niall

    Hmm, never heard of it strangely enough

  • Aires the Ram

    I fully support anyone who puts out a gay themed film. BUT, no matter the film, I give it 30 minutes to draw me in. If it doesn’t draw me in, I walk out. I rented Pit Stop on my kindle this afternoon, I gave it 40 minutes, and the film went absolutely nowhere. At the 30 minute mark I was wondering what the hell I was even watching, horrible character development, no plot that I could discern, and I almost fell asleep. My personal opinion is that you shouldn’t spend your hard earned money on this one.

  • jimstoic

    Pit Stop is one of those rare films where the ending is so great that it overcomes the weaknesses of the rest of the film.

  • jimstoic

    @Aires the Ram: I watched the film as a member of a film-festival programming committee, and had the same reaction, but stuck with it anyway because of what other committee members said. IMO, it was worth the effort. The apparent weaknesses of the earlier parts of the film contribute to the power of the great ending. IMO.

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