WATCH: Best Man’s “Proud Mary” Routine Brings Down The House

YouTuber “dizzlecakes” posted this clip of a “groomsman/bridesman” doing a spontaneous performance of Proud Mary that undoubtedly has Tina Turner and Angela Bassett sharpening their kitchen knives. We don’t know for sure if this guy is a Friend of Anna Mae, but we definitely want to hire him for our wedding.

Video: TreeLifeFilms.com

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  • JW

    This looks like a film excerpt.

  • Jax

    That was awesome!!

  • MJ

    I totally needed that. Put a smile on my face. I love people who can just be FREE and let loose and not care about what others are thinking constantly.

  • Cart Pizza

    hahahaa I wanna make friends with this guy. He seems like he’s a riot.

  • Greg Cali

    I expect the “look how MASCULINE” I can be crowd to really feel insecure by this. Someone truly fulfilled and content with who they are can of course view this and appreciate it and even celebrate this guy for who he is. It’s those most insecure in themselves that find it necessary to taunt others for their mannerisms. School bully…meet your future as a closeted “straight ACTING” gay man trolling gay blogs. That’s what I often observe from gay “str8 acting” types who disrespect fem gays for just being. And I’m glad said facade types are finally getting exposed and called out for their insecurities.

  • ProudDad

    This was so cute!

  • dailyposter.

    You GO boy!
    Love it.

  • NYNiceDude

    He looks like he’s having so much fun and is so into it that I can’t help have fun while watching him do it. My straight roomate says he wants to go out on the town with that dude. HAHAHAAA. Love light hearted vids like this to change things up on here.

  • Spaqueen

    Amazing, too bad the camera wasn’t more steady.

  • Nat

    @Greg Cali:

    That wasn’t remotely necessary. Not one negative comment has been posted thus far; a preemptive response is a petty exercise in invective at best.

  • Hephaestion


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