WATCH: Big Dipper is a literal snack in new music video featuring pole-dancing Nicole Byer

Honey, I Shrunk The Dipper!

Rapper and Moguls Of Media podcast super-producer Big Dipper serves up one juicy comeback with the new song “Ham And Cheese”—and a delicious music video to boot.

“Ham And Cheese” marks the Sloppy Seconds host’s first taste of new music since “Back Up Off Me” in 2020, and we’re pleased to report he’s spitting hot fire on this sizzling sandwich of a dance track.

In the song’s eye-popping video, Dipper plays off the imagery of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, making himself bite-sized as he shakes it amongst some fresh produce. And we do mean fresh—pay attention to the background for some glimpses of DOM! juice, Spicy Daddy’s Special Sauce, and a handful of hilarious food parodies.

The bawdy MC with the body doesn’t hold back, and he’s flanked by a pair of dancers who deliver some “Ham And Cheese” choreography that feels destined to wind up on TikTok (giving us flashbacks to Drag Race All Stars 7‘s social media-inspired “Dance Like A Drag Queen” challenge).

As the party moves from the refrigerator to a picnic in the park, Dipper is joined by TT The Artist for a fiery guest verse, dropping bars from the inside of a baseball mitt. On collaborating with TT, Dipper says the rapper “sounds amazing on any track she works on, and she was so down to play around with this wacky idea we had for the video!”

But TT’s not the only cameo in store: Comedian and Nailed It! host Nicole Byer also turns up to show off her jaw-dropping pole dancing skills, working the pole on top of a giant ham and cheese sandwich. That’s not a sentence we ever thought we’d type, so thank you to Dipper, TT, Byer, et al. for the opportunity.

Apparently, this is just the first of three new songs/music videos Dipper has planned for the summer, so clear that table because we’re about to be fed.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Big Dipper’s “Ham And Cheese” is made to order, so give it a watch below:

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