WATCH: Big Freedia’s Gonna Make You Bounce!

Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia – “Excuse” from Scion A/V on Vimeo.


For all of  you out there who haven’t fully explored the art of creatively shaking your ass, Big Freedia (pronounced “FREE-da,” like a feminine Frito), the “undisputed” Queen Diva of Bounce Music, is here to set you, uh, straight. She’s dropping a new bounce-music video, “Excuse,” that breaks down the finer points of jiggling your badunkadunk. Beyoncé, watch out, girl!

Of course, Bounce is far from a new music genre and Freedia is hardly a new name in the Bounce or “Sissy Bounce” queer sub-genre. Originating in New Orleans, Bounce is a high-energy variation of hip-hop typically characterized by uber-sexual lyrics, call and response, whistling… and lots of booty-clapping. Basically it’s what our family reunions are like.

Besides a couple of moves we’re going to test out in the bedroom, we learned several things from the clip, including:

  • Stretch before Bouncing.
  • Always wear a Darth Vader cape when pushing hot tank-top-wearing Latinos out of your way.
  • That hands-on-the-floor, ass-in-the-air, feet-on-the-wall move might be the perfect icebreaker for our next blind date.
  • Bouncers don’t need to actually swallow Gatorade to ingest it.
  • Not everyone is a Bounce natural. But contrary to popular belief, some white girls are!
  • How to doubledecker Bounce.
  • Bouncing and indoor gardening are not compatible.
  • No one out-wobbles the Queen.

The clip is sponsored by Toyota’s Scion AV project, which is actually doing  some pretty cool cultural shit that doesn’t seem impregnated and undermined by obnoxious product placement. Another example: this gaytastic when-the-desert-meets-the-dance-floor wonderfulness.

If you like “Excuse” and want some more Big Freedia, download the whole Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia EP here.  And check out her other video, “Y’all Get Back Now.”