WATCH: Big News Coming As Supreme Court Weighs Taking Prop 8 Case

It feels like every time we get a win in the Prop 8 case, we get a new delay that sets things back another few months. But now we’re finally nearing the end: In just two weeks, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not they’ll take the case.

In other words, it could all be over by early October. Tune in to this special edition of Marriage News Watch with Matt Baume to get a rundown on exactly how we got here, and what to expect when the Supremes convene.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    It looks as if Prop 8 is slowly being decomated and will soon become history. It can’t happen soon enough and the RRR (radical religious right) will implode because of no more non-issues to explore. Nice!!!

  • Charli Girl

    I’m so sick of this ” long black train” ride that the bigots drive!
    Really 2012 and we STILL are waiting on over 1000 rights that are stolen
    from us every freaking day!!! I’m so sick of their sanctimonious mouths already!!!!
    Really? What’s to see anymore?? Just give us our rights and stop all the stupid court dates!
    We are coming for them and WILL receive them ,so get ready to share this earth with us!!!

  • Geraldsok

    I don’t Know how old you guys are either your not old enough to remember or you were asleep in history class just about all rights have been fought for including interracial only about 45 years ago, etc, atleast your not in a muslim country where we’d be stoned or worse, look around and be greatful for this wonderful nation and the other basic right we have fight and earned, keep fighting and be patient.

  • Charli Girl

    I’m not sure how old you are Hun but I for one am sick of living in the 20’s and KNOW for a FACT that my rights should NOT STILL be up for a vote!!! I AM an American!!! Once you start justifying their actions, it’s a wrap!

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