WATCH: Bisexual Rocker Danny Blu Channels Jesus Christ As Bullied Teenager

New York City-based industrial pop singer Danny Blu and his band The Factory Blu are making more than just intense sound waves with their first music video. The song is the punky dance track Set Me On Fire and the video–a surprisingly high-production value joint coming from an independent artist–tells the story of a freakishly unique and bullied teenager.

“We took a jab at the right wing which uses religion against people,” Danny says. “(We) take that and use it as a weapon right back at them. We took the story of Jesus Christ and made him a modern day high school bullying victim, a perfect parallel.”

If Jesus Christ had spiky blue hair and wore black leather lace-up bustiers to school.

Besides his ever-changing goth style, the 23-year old bisexual rocker has a personal “gospel” that defines his art: Share your inner freak with the world and live life without fear or regret. Heck, we can get behind that.

A frequent performer at Pride, the Factory Blu is riding high with their first album, Do Your Worst, and is currently working on number two. They’re performing at NYC’s Sullivan Hall on April 26 and Piscataway, NJ’s SteamPunk World’s Fair on May 19.

Watch the video and then listen to our interview with Danny on this week’s Queerty/GayCities’ sponsored Swish Edition interview and comedy talk show. Both are below.


Photos via Danny Blu

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  • Wow

    This is pretty terrible. I don’t believe you referred to it as “industrial” I’ll pass, thanks.

  • DouggSeven

    Attack of the Adam Lambert rip offs. Punk, dance, industrial – that ain’t.

    Although, I guess there could be a market for it. Assuming your music taste is pretty uncultured. This style of music tends to sound much better live.

  • CBRad

    Awwww……he looks like a sissy boy ! Bet he’d want me to f–k him !

  • jason

    I think he’s camp.

  • Max the Communist

    Love the tune. The video dies by its own over the top melodrama. But I’m glad Queerty brought attention to this bi artist and his queer positive band. Love a boy in corset!

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