WATCH: Black LGBT Delegates Offer Their Perspective At The DNC‘s coverage of the Democratic National Convention includes interviews with African American LGBT delegates offering their take on the proceedings. Among those interviewed is LaWana Mayfield, Charlotte’s first openly lesbian City Council member, who attests to how much the city has changed:

“I knew I was going to be running as exactly who I am — as an out African American woman. And unapologetic about that. So it was amazing, honestly, the amount of support I received from the community. And in the general election I ended up winning with more than 70% of the vote.”

In addition to the divine Alfre Woodard and actress Nicole Ari Parker, NoMoreDownLow also spoke with comedian D.L. Hughley about his letter to Chick-fil-A’s president, Dan Cathy:

“I really don’t believe that there’s too much difference between a man who has a specific lifestyle and a guy who has a specific race. That’s my personal opinion. I think, there’s not that far a leap for me. If you do that to the least of us, you’ll do it to all of us. That kind of spoke to me and it’s just something I can’t do anymore. Even though I hate that I have to give up waffle fries.”