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What to Watch: Bob Fosse, the return of the Fab Five and Cher (’nuff said)

The Catch: Fosse/Verdon

Oscar-winner Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams bring to life two Broadway giants in this new, limited series from FX. For the uninitiated, Bob Fosse earned legendary status for his choreography in shows like Chicago and Damn Yankees before finding even bigger success as a film director, nabbing an Oscar for his work on Cabaret. He also had a reputation as a sex addict, with Jessica Lange, Ann Reinking and Liza Minnelli among his many lovers. His sometime girlfriend, wife and constant companion Gwen Verdon still holds a reputation as the greatest dancer in Broadway history. The new series purports to tell the story of their torrid affair, and a creative partnership that changed showbiz forever.

Airs April 9 on FX.

The Whodunit: Queens of Mystery

Imagine the Golden Girls mashed up with Law & Order and you might have some idea of the goofy fun that is Queens of Mystery. Set in the UK, the show follows female detective Mattie Stone, who can never seem to get a date. Maybe that has something to do with her three eccentric aunts—Cat, Beth and Jane—all of whom write mysteries, and all of whom have a habit of turning up while Mattie tries to solve a case…and trying to fix her up with men. Queens of Mystery combines all the best elements of a sit-com and crime mystery, and mashes it into a delicious mix of snarky goodness.

Streams on Acorn TV April 8.

The Gritty: The Chi

Out-writer/actress Lena Waithe’s acclaimed drama series returns this week, bringing with it more intense drama. Set on Chicago’s south side, the series follows the tribulations of African-American characters trying to survive the pitfalls of racism, poverty, and violence in their neighborhood. Produced by the rapper Common, The Chi has earned wide acclaim for its presentation of characters, and for addressing the tensions between police—including African-American officers—and the black community. Suffice it to say the series raises complicated and difficult questions designed to haunt viewers.

Streams starting on April 4 on Showtime. Airs on the network April 7.

The ICYMI: Queer Eye

More makeover fabulousity, anyone? In case you haven’t heard, Netflix just dropped the new season of the lauded reality series—headed, of course, by five gay men—last month. The new season has continued the acclaim of the first two as the Fab Five set off across middle America giving people style makeovers, and helping to rebuild their self-esteem. Along the way, they also show areas still hostile to the queer community empathy and grace…which may just help us earn a few allies.

Streams on Netflix.

The Sing-Along: Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Now, we’re not endorsing this ABBA musical as some kind of cinematic classic. It is, however, great fun, and features a terrific soundtrack. With a cast that features Cher, Pierce Brosnan, Andy Garcia, Lily James, Amanda Seyfried and (briefly) Meryl Streep, Here We Go Again has more than enough charm for us to recommend it to fans of ABBA and silly romance. It also has more than a few hot shirtless men of all ages and ethnicities to with it. Either way, what bliss?

Streams on HBOGO, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu and Amazon.

The Spin: The ‘Teen Spirit’ Soundtrack

So Teen Spirit, which opens in theatres April 12, isn’t a gay movie. That said, its soundtrack sure is fabulous! Featuring tunes by Robyn, Annie Lennox, Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer and new music from Carly Rae Jespen, the 14-track album has no shortage of queer anthems, making it suitable for driving with the windows down or dancing naked around the house. Just in case you need a little bit of Pride early this year, we recommend giving the album a spin, and singing like no one’s listening.

Available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Sip: The French 95

Few choreographers ever created a dance smoother than that of Bob Fosse. As such, we recommend this ultra-smooth and classy cocktail for this week’s sipage. With a champagne base, the French 95 has a bit of fruity sweetness, and enough kick to leave you feeling sensual and flirty.

  • 1/2 part Bourbon
  • 1/2 part Orange Juice
  • 1/2 Part Lemon Juice
  • Simple Syrup
  • Champagne

Mix juices, bourbon & simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake well. Pour in a Collins or flute glass. Fill to the top with champagne.