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WATCH: Bottoms fight over tops in this raunchy queer teen comedy

Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri in 'Bottoms'
Image Credit: ‘Bottoms,’ Orion Pictures

Heathers, Clueless, Mean Girls—it feels like every generation has their definitive teen comedy, one that uses the high school setting as a sandbox and plays with its own rules to capture the zeitgeist. They’re unforgettable, quotable, endlessly re-watchable, and simply iconic.

And Bottoms? Well, Bottoms just wants to get laid.

But, in the pursuit of getting some action, it might just become the next future classic, one we’ll be quoting for years to come. Bottoms looks like it’s about to be the horny, bloody, riotously funny queer teen comedy we’ve been waiting for.

The film finds director Emma Seligman reuniting with her Shiva Baby star Rachel Sennott (the Bodies Bodies Bodies scene-stealer) and linking up with The Bear breakout Ayo Edebiri as high school seniors, PJ and Josie, respectively. They’re the school’s “ugly, untalented gays” according to the principal (yes, really), but they’ve got a plan to end up on top—on top of the cheerleaders that is.

After an incident that finds them injuring the football team’s star player (Red, White, & Royal Blue hearthtrob Nicholas Galitzine), PJ and Josie con their way into starting the school’s first self-defense club—a “fight club,” if you will.

And it’s all part of their plan to get closer with—and bed—their cool girl crushes, Isabel (Havana Rose Liu) and Brittany (Kaia Gerber, a.k.a Cindy Crawford’s daughter).

But, along the way, they start to build themselves a following of other queer kids and outcasts who feel empowered by PJ and Josie’s ballsy gambit to shake up the status quo. Will these two “ugly, untalented gays” get the girls and wind up with a new community of friends? Or will they just get punched in the face?

bottoms_0147635_R (l-r.) Ayo Edebiri stars as Josie, Rachel Sennott as PJ, Zamani Wilder as Annie, Summer Joy Campbell as Sylvie, Havana Rose Liu as Isabel, Kaia Gerber as Brittany and Virginia Tucker as Stella Rebecca in BOTTOMS An Orion Pictures Release Photo credit: Courtesy of ORION Pictures Inc. © 2023 Orion Releasing LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Bottoms also stars Mare Of Easttown‘s Ruby Cruz, Winning Time‘s Miles Fowler, Succession‘s Dagmara Dominczyk, SNL‘s Punkie Johnson, and none other than NFL star Marshawn Lynch in what just might be a breakout comedic role.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention: None other than Charli XCX worked on the film’s score and soundtrack, so get ready for some bops.

Bottoms premieres in select theaters on August 25, and then opens wide on September 2. You can watch the film’s wild first trailer below: