(Queer) Eye of the Tiger

WATCH: Boxer celebrates winning match by proposing to his boyfriend in the middle of the ring

Anthony Ash (right) with Yanko (left)

Spectators at an amateur boxing match in Wales got more than they expected when a champion boxer got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend of 11 years.

32-year-old Anthony Ash had just picked up his first match on June 14 when he snatched the microphone from the master of ceremonies to invite his boyfriend Yanko to the ring.

With Yanko standing before him, Ash dropped to one knee. In front of the cheering crowd, he popped the big question. And Yanko said yes.

“Taking up the boxing has been a massive thing in my life,” Ash told GayStarNews. “He’s seen the positive things around it and has been such a support. ”

“I’ve been doing a lot of work around changing people’s perspectives of the LGBTI community and boxing and bringing them together. It’s a part of his life because he’s so supportive. It was such a big deal for me and him, and doing it front of 350 people.”

Ash had started training to box as an adolescent. As he got older, however, he struggled to reconcile his love of the sport with the stereotypes of the LGBTQ community. Eventually, it just didn’t matter anymore.

“Gay guys thought it was impossible to be gay and into boxing,” Ash recalls.

Fortunately for Ash however “no one in the boxing world gives a f*ck” about sexuality, he says.

“There are boxing fans that would care, sure. People who don’t do boxing but sit on their arse and watch it would care. But not a soul I actually know cares.”

Having now found his calling, Anthony an Yanko have already started making plans for an intimate wedding ceremony.

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