WATCH: Brent Corrigan & Friends Parade The Streets Of WeHo In Barely There Underwear

Lovebirds Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown invited pals Brent Corrigan and Jose Parra over for an underwear party to try out their new barely there briefs from French brand, Petit Q. They then take their blurred privates out for a spin in West Hollywood, scandalizing and intriguing passersby (you can watch the uncensored version here).

Somehow they avoid charges of indecency and Parra hopefully avoided contracting tetanus from walking around in public barefoot. Seriously — put on a shoe, you’re sending a wrong message to the kids.

While Petit Q’s underwear seem to defy physics, logic and good taste, they’re definitely an alternative to boring old tidy whities. Would you ever wear one of their C-strings, One side thongs or Kinis?


They seem pretty functional, after all.petit-q-2petit-q-1petitqpetitq-4

All right, Parra, fine. Shoes or no shoes, you win this round.