WATCH: Brent Corrigan & Friends Parade The Streets Of WeHo In Barely There Underwear

Lovebirds Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown invited pals Brent Corrigan and Jose Parra over for an underwear party to try out their new barely there briefs from French brand, Petit Q. They then take their blurred privates out for a spin in West Hollywood, scandalizing and intriguing passersby (you can watch the uncensored version here).

Somehow they avoid charges of indecency and Parra hopefully avoided contracting tetanus from walking around in public barefoot. Seriously — put on a shoe, you’re sending a wrong message to the kids.

While Petit Q’s underwear seem to defy physics, logic and good taste, they’re definitely an alternative to boring old tidy whities. Would you ever wear one of their C-strings, One side thongs or Kinis?


They seem pretty functional, after all.petit-q-2petit-q-1petitqpetitq-4

All right, Parra, fine. Shoes or no shoes, you win this round.

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  • oilburner


  • middleagespread

    May be good for dancers. The butt floss not so sure about. If you like those why not. For a chubby guy like me, nope. Gotta stay with the boxer briefs. Helps avoid leg rub. Lol

  • twoguysbrooklyn


  • RayJacksonMs

    Who the hell wants underwear that makes porn stars’ dicks look small?

  • sportyguy1983

    These attention seeking whores’ parents must be so proud of them. Obviously you can’t teach class.

  • Fitz

    Those are unflattering and unsexy undies. And I am one of those guys who is sort of over the whole waxed twink look.

    That being said, Brent is a lovely guy.. he has a right to keep his mortgage paid while he builds his other career.

  • Kieran

    Women wearing G-strings wouldn’t be blurred out…..but showing a muscular male ass in G-strings might cause mass homosexual panic in our culture.

  • Spike

    I sure don’t miss living in Weho.

    Whatever they are wearing makes em all look like they have 2 inch dicks.

  • Tyler100

    @Spike: I live in LA and I just don’t get WeHo at all. Then again, I’ve always been more of an SF boy.

    And you’re right: those “whatever” do make their dicks look tiny. Their junk is so obvious it really couldn’t be considered a tease, which in turn undercuts the potential for titillation. It’s just so….blunt.

  • stranded

    The Ken Doll look is kind of a turn off, but let’s be real, they’re still way hot. Dumb underwear, but i guess if you have the body for it, it’s like any other lingerie, you wear it to excite your partner.

    lol on the comments about WeHo. Nothing bad about it, you go there for a fun saturday night.

  • KittyLitter

    @sportyguy1983: They’e all ex-porn models…

  • AnitaMann

    Why does he wipe that ice cream on his nipple? Gross. And whatever happened to no shirt, no shoes, no service?

  • niles

    What a cheap and tawdry display.

  • redcarpet

    The fact that someone is making money off of this underwear is disturbing. They might as well be naked. The whole point of sexy underwear is to tease a little. A jockstrap would be 10 times more sexy. So would hair on their dicks (you know, like how people are SUPPOSED to have).

    As for Brent Corrigan, he needs to find a steady income that doesn’t involve his body. He looks great now, but he’s not going to be able to cash in on his looks when he hits 50 or 60.

  • Brendan

    @RayJacksonMs: I was thinking the same thing. We know it’s not small but those underwear do him NO favors at all. And the ones with no side straps literally look they put a stick up your butt. No thanks.

  • jwtraveler

    What’s the point of showing a video of men in tiny underwear and then pixilating it so you can’t see anything?

  • Pistolo

    This couldn’t be farther from sexy, it’s just goofy. Isn’t it funny how guys like this spend so much time working on their body, waxing, primping, and all that yet there’s still something about them that just doesn’t accomplish what they want to? They’re revolting.

    Brent can be sexy sometimes but they’re like animals here. Not liking it.

  • mz.sam

    Not jaded like some. No fear here, a hot guy is a hot guy. Love these studs…banana hammocks and all.

  • pauleky

    I am sorry it’s so hard for these guys to be men. Not everyone is into hairless clones. Although, a real Colt Man probably wouldn’t be caught dead in that (yeah, I know Colt now has hairless clones. It’s unfortunate).

  • hotshot70

    why is the 4th guy (posing) blurred?

  • Dixie Rect


  • Nuschki

    People are WAY too critical. These guys are just having fun, I know I had fun watching them have fun. And the fact that these guys, according to most comments, should be doing this, should have that, should look like this… just cut it off. You don’t like it? It’s ok, nobody cares and a negative opinion is redundant :)

  • yaletownman

    The underwear is awful. It’s neither sexy, sophisticated or fun. The model with dark hair is hot, the rest look like revenge of the nerds, wallflowers from high school who decided to hit the gym but no sexiness from the inside. I went to the underwears web-site and I guess they are French? Well, the site has some hot models to gaze upon!

  • jayjayFL

    I find the video refreshing, fun and Colby is always cute

    I will never get why gay guys are so judgemental and are so narrow-minded.

  • scoobydube

    @AnitaMann: We are talking about West Hollywood, where ANYTHING, NOTHING and/or NEARLY nothing goes. If you look CLOSELY at the video MOST people don’t even NOTICE nearly NAKED guys “out” for a “stroll” !! ROTFLMFAO ….

  • scoobydube

    @Nuschki: “Just cut it off” ?? It is better to “wear” it off, then to “cut” it off. I prefer the “natural” look myself ….

  • scoobydube

    @jwtraveler: Go to for the “uncensored” version ..

  • jimbryant

    This just seems like a silly campaign designed to make money for an undies company. Have gay men really turned into such corporate whores? Embarrassing spectacle to say the least.

  • Herlinda S. Osorio

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  • Vidontag

    @Sportyguy1983: it’s been my experience that those who expound the most loudly on “class” tend to have the most anxiety around it. Also, why should it matter whether the parents of anyone over 18 are proud of them or not? The vid’s a bit vapid for me, but how let’s skip the gratuitous, if unfortunately predictable, whorephobia.

  • iggy azalea

    I will now happily drink my own vomit.

  • sportyguy1983

    Whorephobia? smh lol I am guessing you have no class either.

  • Vidontag

    @sportguy1983: I speak 4 languages, have 3 passports and I sleep all day. Does that answer your question?

  • James Landa

    So what’s wrong with this? Their underwear!

  • Jack Kear

    They are so not attractive.

  • Marylou Porter

    They are not completely naked. They have their shoes and socks on. I agree with Jack Near.

  • Matthew Rivs

    Jesse this is what we do

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