WATCH: Brian Jordan Alvarez, Drew Droege & more deliver coronavirus content we need

If we can’t laugh during the absurdly serious and seriously absurd situation we find ourselves in, this war against an invisible virus that’s grinding the world economy to a full stop is going to feel even worse than it already is. And while we are all for escapist entertainment (here’s our weekly viewing guide, and we’ll be making daily picks for as long as this lasts), there’s something to be said for laughing at this specific moment.

As one of the Italian participants in this terrifying warning video says, “We should always be light in spirit, but not with our gestures.”

Here’s some relatable content to get you through the day:

Brian Jordan Alvarez updated one of his YouTube classics with a public safety spin.

Drew Droege definitively answered the question that’s burning on everybody’s minds — how is Chloë Sevigny handling all of this?

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Because tis season

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Here’s a coronavirus edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race that’s been going around (will there be a fracking season next?):

Bowen Yang addressed the soon-to-be-pandemic back in February, which may or may not feel like several years ago by now:

And here are some less-gay (and objectively less-important) ways people are using humor to get through the discomfort:

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