WATCH: Broadway Stans Freak During Mika And Kristen Chenoweth’s “Popular” Duet

We didn’t think Mika could get any better (or gayer), but the British singer-songwriter truly out-gayed himself last night by calling on gal pal Kristen Chenoweth to join him in a surprising on-stage cameo at Le Poisson Rouge.

According to Broadway.com, the sold-out audience went “absolutely insane” as the Tony Award-winning performer joined Mika in singing the hook from “Popular Song,” a track from his recent album, The Origin of Love. Broadway fans in attendance went from absolutely insane to losing their shit when Chenoweth sampled “Popular,” a show-stealing song made famous by her originating role in Broadway’s Wicked.

These two together are everything. Elphaba ain’t got shit on Mika.