WATCH: Broadway Stars Redo “Les Miz” Song “One Day More” As Obama Election Song

Stars from the Broadway stage gave their voices over to a cause this week, with the release of “One Term More,” a revamped version of  Les Misérables’ “One Day More” turned into an Obama re-election song. The lyrics include some pretty pointed jabs at the GOP:

With laws that let ’em stand their ground,
Republicans are locked & loaded.

Contraception’s now a sin,
Screwing G.M. in the clutch.
Incivility’s a virtue,
Homophobic. Out of touch.
Filibusters. Budget scrums.
Ultrasounds & speculums.
To the Dark Side they’ve succumbed.

Don DeMesquita, who wrote the lyrics to “One Term More,” posted an open letter on the project’s website:

While the GOP’s resident rabble-rouser routinely defames those with whom he disagrees, their party’s presumptive nominee hasn’t the character or courage to condemn such abusive behavior. Indeed, fomenting incivility and intolerance is grist for their ground game – and they’re doubling down.

If you’re not a moneyed Republican plutocrat with a name commonly mistaken for a mattress, soft drink or sundae, don’t own a ball club in Chicago or casino in Macao or have an extra hundred-mil lying around, what do you do to make a difference? You stand up the only way you know how.

The performers in the video include Kim Huber, Sean Smith, David Burnham, Christina Saffran Ashford, Damon Kirsche, David Engel, Matthew Ashford, Bubba Dean Rambo, William Martinez, Flora Rubenhold, Takako Gregg and Teri Yates.

Well, they’ve got the musical-theater-queen vote sewn up!