WATCH: Bryan Fischer Forced To Consider Sex With A Man

Bryan Fischer having sex with a man — it’s an image that will probably require a Silkwood shower to  be erased from your brain. While the gay-loathing mouthpiece for the American Family Association was fielding inquisitive callers during his radio show Focal Point, a man identified only as Wes, a self-described “non-practicing homosexual,” posed a question that momentarily bewildered the host.

Fischer, who maintains that being gay is a choice, was asked by Wes if he (Fischer) could have sex with a man if he chose.

“To have sex outside of marriage is a sin in the eyes of God, and we believe you can remain…chaste,” Fischer attempted to explain. “You don’t have to give into every sexual impulse that you feel.”

It’s a dilemma that Fischer will likely never face. We’re skeptical there’s a gay man on the planet who would agree to have sex with this tool.

H/t: Right Wing Watch