WATCH: Bullied Gay Teen Jonah Mowry Is A Firework

Many of us have experienced the pain of teen bullying first-hand, and we’d reel from its effects in our room, hidden to the world. Thanks to a little thing called YouTube, bullied 14-year-old Jonah Mowry is going viral on the internet. Here’s his first video, posted back in August, where he tells us that he looks happy but he’s actually not feeling so great on the inside, and that he’s scared to go back to school and has been dealing with the bullying by cutting:

I didn’t know how to respond to the video in the first place. Gawker’s Matt Cherette commends Jonah for sharing his “pain and perseverance,” calling him “one of the bravest boys I’ve never met.” The HuffPo calls it “poignant.” We’d rather focus on where Jonah is now, especially because we’ve seen that we can lose bullied teens so easily, even when they’re strong enough to speak out. Here he is, performing Katy Perry’s “Firework” with a friend. Stay strong, Jonah. You really are a firework.