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WATCH: A bunch of beefcakes slap the sh*t out of each other in this wild new competition show

Two men stand very close to one another, one in a blue shirt, and one in a black shirt pointing at his own cheek
Image Credit: ‘Power Slap,’ TBS

Snap out of it!

Ever since Cher invented the slap in 1987, the open-handed strike has been one of the most versatile moves it pop culture. It can be shocking, pithy, funny, insulting, emotional, and so very gay.

And it’s because of that versatility that, sometimes, a slap can show up where you least expect it. Like, on the Oscars stage, for example! Or even at the center of a new tough guy reality competition series airing on TBS!

We’re talking about a show called Power Slap, which somehow manages to turn slapping into a sport, complete with a complex set of rules, dramatic staging, and a bunch of buff dudes trying their best not to wince.

The series pits 16 hopefuls against one another in a slapping tournament to determine who will be “the next power slap champion”—excuse us, the next champion? Who was the first one? Apparently power-slapping has been a thing and we just had no idea.

If you find yourself wondering how they can possibly turn slapping into a sport, never fear: There’s a video explaining the hilariously complex rules and techniques behind it.

“A legal slap is a flat, open-handed shot at the side of the face, on the cheek, below the eye, but above the chin. You can’t lead with the palm of your hand either—the entire hand must land at the same time.”

Well, okay then! Honestly, the whole thing feels overwrought and entirely too serious in a way that maybe—just maybe—could be considered camp.

Like, just look at this ridiculous arena the guys are slapping in, surrounded by dramatic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? style lighting. It’s giving drama, mama!

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But perhaps the wildest part of it is that, somehow, this competition is meant to make up an entire season of television—with hour-long episodes! We don’t really know how Power Slap is meant to fill its time slot, but the trailer does show that the contestants will all be living under one roof, where it appears that bouts of wrestling can break out at any moment.

Though the show is eager to point out it’s “the ultimate test of toughness,” there’s something pretty homoerotic about it all if you ask us!

In any event, if you like the thought of watching big, bulky men slap each other around for sport, then you can check out Power Slap‘s official trailer below.

 Power Slap premieres Wednesday, January 18, on TBS. 

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