WATCH: Bush’s Former Press Secretary Predicts Obama Will Endorse Gay Marriage In Second Term

Maybe Ari Fleischer, former minister of propaganda for President George W. Bush, though he was making some big revelation on CNN this week when he suggested President Obama would change his viewpoint on gay marriage after the election but, really, is there anyone who doesn’t already assume that?

Addressing President Obama’s recent comment to Russia’s Dmitri Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after November, Fleischer warns that Obama is “maneuvering” to get votes and will reveal his true self, Voldemort-style, on November 5.  But every politician everywhere—from presidents to student council members—has softened their message to attract a wider base. It’s called campaigning.

Now, should Obama not come out in favor of marriage equality in his second term, we’ll definitely be all up in his grill.