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WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner pursued from CPAC by a man deadnaming her

Caitlyn Jenner
(Photo: @caitlynjenner/Instagram)

Caitlyn Jenner’s attendance at the CPAC in Dallas over the weekend was not welcomed by all in attendance.

The second Conservative Political Action Conference of the year, Jenner, 71, showed up after she announced she plans to run as a Republican candidate in California’s recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Jenner attended on Friday and Saturday. On the first day, while she was leaving the conference, she was chased by a YouTuber known as The Black Conservative Preacher.

He repeatedly referred to Jenner by her pre-transition name (a practice known as “deadnaming” a trans person). He pursued her through the lobby of the Hilton Anatole Hotel.

Jenner pauses before the entrance to pose for a selfie with some people, and the YouTuber continues to try and heckle her. She ignores him as he attempts to ask her, “What do you think about the stuff that they’re teaching in schools regarding the LGBTQ? About Jesus Christ? Don’t forget Jesus,” he shouts out Jenner as she leaves.

As she gets into a waiting car, the YouTuber also calls her a “sick freak”. He captioned his video “It’s a man in a skirt!”

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Jenner announced her decision to run for the position of Governor back in April.

The heckling she faced was not the only transphobia on display at the CPAC. Right-wing podcaster Jesse Keller did a mocking, SNL-style “news” skit on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team.

“The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics coach was asked if he was concerned about the lack of feminine grace on his squad. Coach got a little defensive and snapped, ‘We might not be the most feminine team on the planet, but these girls have the balls to compete.”

Online, many said it was disgusting that Jenner experienced such harassment, but others suggested it shouldn’t be all that surprising at a CPAC.

Actress Patricia Arquette blasted the heckler: “This creep does not know the first thing about Jesus or his teachings. I disagree with [Jenner’s] politics that doesn’t matter, I’m disgusted that happened to her.”

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The CPAC in Dallas ended with a closing speech from former President Donald Trump. He took the opportunity to again claim last year’s election was “rigged” against him and to boast that his supporters are in the majority.

“We are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world. Never forget that the radical left is not the majority in this country. We are the majority and it’s not even close.”