WATCH: Canadian Prank Show Features Gay Punch Line. Funny Or Foul?

Just for Laughs: Gags is a Canadian hidden-camera show along the lines of Candid Camera—hapless bystanders are roped into various embarrassing scenarios and wind up laughing at their own silliness. The show is generally silent, making it ideal for international distribution and use on airplane TVs (It airs in Mexico, the U.S., England Portugal and elsewhere.)

In the above clip, various male pedestrians are tricked into holding a stop sign that actually reads  “I am Gay,” attracting the unwanted attention of an über-gay motorist (note the pearl necklace).

It’s about as funny as most Just for Laughs bits—i.e. not incredibly so—but is it offensive to the gay community? Even though the “victims” take the prank in stride, the motorist is so flaming he practically sets his car ablaze.

But maybe that’s just the nature of a silent gag? Charlie Chaplin wasn’t exactly known for his subtlety.

So what do you think—harmless fun or offensive? Speak up in the comments!