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  • John McLaren

    Why do you run these scare tactic headlines???? Matt Baume explains NOTHING and has no news except a hypothetical legal opinion. Maybe in a country where state s-s marriages are not recognized between states and certainly not the federal government in Washington, misery loves company seeking to find flaws in Canadian marriages which are recognized in every province of the country and by the Canadian government in Ottawa.

  • MikeE

    he’s an idiot who doesn’t understand how Canadian law works.

    you cannot take away a right that has been granted in Canada. Unlike its American counterpart, the Canadian constitution doesn’t permit it.

  • PaulR

    He clearly did not attempt to understand what he is trying to report. Why the sensationalism when there is no basis for it?

  • ChrisC

    The title is so misleading. Canadian Marriage Equality is NOT at risk. At the most it’s only at risk for people from outside of Canada who have gotten Married in Canada. But even that is false, the majority of Canadians (Around 65%) believe in equality, if there is any risk that couples from outside Canada may not be legally married, the law will be quickly fixed. Equality is here to stay in Canada.

  • Rusty Redfield

    I agree with the above comments — this report is complete nonsense. If you want to waste your time complaining about marriage issues, start with the ones in the United States. We Canadians HAVE marriage equality and this won’t change. If this nitwit “legal expert” wants to bring a suit here, he should be aware that Canadian courts have a nasty habit of charging costs to people who bring idiotic lawsuits. There’s one other law we have in Canada that you apparently need in the US. If it gets reported here as news, it has to be true. I recommend it to you; it would improve the quality of this website (and Fox News) quite a bit.

  • Arek

    Can anybody suggest any other sites where I can get quality gay news? The alarmist and childish reporting here at Queerty has just become too much to bear.

  • Robert in NYC

    Well said ChrisC and Rusty! Matt Baume should be more concerned that we don’t even have full marriage equality in the U.S., no federal recognition and NOT portable in states that ban us from marriage. Nothing to be proud of either.

  • Frank

    Ignorance at its best…is Matt Baume American???

  • Shane Mahaffy

    TOWLEROAD.COM is a current and factual on-line gay news sight not a tabloid site like Queerty which runs stories about gay porn stars and trash. The pictures and the flashy headlines are more important to Queerty, like News of the World where you can read about women (and a few men) getting raped by aliens in Central Park.

  • Sylvio

    To Arek, Try the

  • Arek

    Thanks Shane and Sylvio!!

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