WATCH: Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover’s Mom Revisits Harrowing Suicide for Congress

Sirdeaner Walker found her 11-year-old son Carl Joseph in his room, dead, hanging from an electrical cord. Driven to suicide, it’s believed, because he was being “bullied relentless” in school. He was being pushed around, told he acted “gay,” and branded a “faggot.” And when she told the school, administrators told her “it would work itself out,” she says. Ms. Walker has relived this nightmare a number of times publicly, for which we thank her, since she has to relive it everyday for the rest of her life. Here, she tells Congress about the reality of bullying: It doesn’t have to be this way for our kids. “This has got to stop. School bullying is a national crisis. … I know that bullying is not a gay issue, or a straight issue. It’s a safety issue.”